'Crescendo'  (Oil on canvas)

The story behind the paint...


This is an absract piece with traditional charateristics throughout. It captures a traditional spanish dancer at the climax of her routine, her dramatic pose significantly symbolises the mood of the dance. The spanish dance is renound for its fiery, passionate and dominant nature, with the use of strong and imposing movements, these characteristics have been translated throughout this piece.

The main dancer is painted in colbolt blue and jumps out of the canvas, this conveys the feeling of power and dominance, both characteristics which are implimented in the dance. The cobolt blue oils contrasts with the rich, earthy colours in the background with the shades of crimson, orange and ochre representing the fiery and passionate element of the dance. The heavy brush strokes and array of colours harmonising together, also conveys the feeling of dramatic and powerful movement.

The sillouette of a second spanish dancer surrounded by illuminous shades of orange and ochre, adds to the mysterious yet dominating aura of the piece. The fact that part of the sillouette's body is not filled but blends into the background with the use of harsh brush strokes, gives the piece more of a dynamic feel.

The combination of rich colours, harsh brush strokes and the dramatic representation of the dancers, invites the audience not only to visualise the dance but to sense the tone of the dance. The very essence of this piece  is a cresendo  of passion, elegance and power.  

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