Sabrina Vuodi was born in 1991 in Northamptonshire, England. She was a student of Art during her teenage years experimenting in photography, fine art, print and sculpture.

In 2007 - 2008 Sabrina focused mainly on sculpture, creating clay bust sculptures and various 3D mixed media pieces. The experimentation of creative photography played a large part in Sabrinas Artwork  as she used this medium to represent emotions, communicate messages and illustrate fictional scenes. This method proved effective and captured a lot of attention with members of the public. This brought to light the deliberating question: 'What is beauty?' or 'What or who decides if something is beautiful?'


In 2009  Sabrina challenged this debate, creating various 2D and 3D images using clay, watercolour, charcoal and pastels, to illustrate "beauty" in different forms. The representation of a beautiful human form is usually depicted in a way which appeals to the majority of the public, however this is usually based on a persons outer apperance. Sabrina wanted to take on a different approach, she channeled her art experimenting with ways to interpret the contrast between inner beauty and outer beauty and how media influences our perspective . For example, she composed a number of unconventional pieces portraying the human form (mainly women)  with the impression that they are advertising something appealing, however the paintings expose the individuals imperfections and fatal consequences of being fooled by the illusions of "beautiful" advertising.  What should ordinarily be classed as appealing in the painting, has in effect been contradicted and admittedly has the reverse effect of repelling its audience.


Over the past 5 years Sabrina has primarily focused on painting portraits using a ray of mediums such as oils, watercolour, charcoal and pastels. This has become her speciality and passion.  




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